Father's Day Festival 2010

Below are a few audio and video samples of some of our music.

Link  Darling Corey (Live, June 2010)
Link  Live sample 2 (June 2010)
Link  Live sample 3 (June 2010)
Link  Live sample 4 (June 2010)

Video Samples

Darling Corey (July 2010)

Get Up John (July 2010)

Paige plays Cross Eyed Cricket by Bull Harman at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, San Francisco, Oct. 2010

You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive (Aug. 2009)

Late Last Night (July 2010)

Wild Bill Jones (Oct. 2008)

Sample of Paige's 2009 Larcena, written with Chuck Ragan:

Link Larcena

The following samples are from our June 2008 CD
Anderson Family Bluegrass:

Link Bald Knob Arkansas
Link Greener Pastures
Link Fox on the Run
Link Sounds of Loneliness
Link Wild Bill Jones
Link Matterhorn

You can also find some additional samples of Paige's solo guitar playing and other songs at her MySpace page: www.myspace.com/PaigeAndersonBluegrass

In addition to our 2011 CD, our 2008 CD is also available for purchase through the CDBaby web site HERE:

Anderson Family Bluegrass CD Cover

Review (July 2008)

Anderson Family Bluegrass

Mark Anderson (Dad) - banjo
Christy Anderson (Mom) - bass
Paige Anderson - guitar, lead vocals, clawhammer banjo
Aimee Anderson - fiddle, harmony/lead vocals
Ethan Anderson - mandolin, harmony/lead vocals
Daisy Anderson - harmony/lead vocals

This new CD is a success on so many levels I don't know where to begin.  Maybe it's the music teacher in me or maybe it's my love of traditional music.  I'm not sure.  I know as a parent you long to hear the words "you raised 'em right".  It might be a bit early to say that here (the Anderson children range in age from 6 - 13) but WOW!!!  What a fine job you've done so far.

Paige does a stellar job of neo-Carter style picking on "Rockwood Deer Chase" (an instrumental).  I loved Aimee's double stop fiddlin' on tunes like "Sounds Of Loneliness".  Ethan sounds like a budding Bill Monroe on "Get Down On Your Knees And Pray".  Daisy and the rest of the kids sing like a choir of angels.  Mom plays rock solid bass and Dad adds some excellent bluegrass banjo throughout.  Kudos to all: Parents, Teachers, Kids!

Bill's Picks: "Rockwood Deer Chase", "Sounds Of Loneliness", "Don't Make Me Go To Bed I'll Be Good", "Get Down On Your Knees And Pray", "Rock Of Ages" (Great mountain minor banjo!)

Bill Dempsey
Music Reviewer for California's Southwest Bluegrass Association
July 2008

Anderson Family Bluegrass / Chuck Ragan 9" Split, Vinyl Record

The four record colors

9" split label November 2009 marked the release of the Chuck Ragan / Anderson Family 9" split vinyl during Chuck's Revival Tour 2009.  This is a limited-pressing and we currently have the below styles here in stock and ready for sale and ship.

There were four different colors available (click any of the images for larger view).  This is a Ten Four Records / Stowaway Sound release.

Side A has three songs written by Chuck: Revival Road, In the Clouds, and Live by the Sword.  Paige sings with Chuck on Live By The Sword

Side B has Paige's 2009 Middle of the Field and Larcena, written by Paige and Chuck.  Click the label to the left for song details.

The records are U.S. $10 each plus $4.95 shipping for one record to U.S. addresses.  Shipping for additional quantities is auto-calculated at check-out.  Please use our contact page for any order questions or for any orders to addresses outside the U.S., Canada, Germany, Ireland or the UK, and we'll setup shipping rates for your location.  The shopping cart is through PayPal but you don't need to be signed up for PayPal to use it.

Stock/Quantities: We have stock available for what is shown below.

Silver/Green Record
$10 Silver & Clear Green
Multi-Color record
$10 Multi-Color Splatter
Green w/Inner Gray record
$10 Clear Green w/Inner Gray Spray
Clear/Green record
$10 Green & Clear

For those wanting an MP3 version of the record, it's available via iTunes Store and Amazon.com

Revival Tour 2009
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