Lead and rhythm guitar player, lead singer and band emcee, Paige (born in 1994) has attracted national attention for her musical prowess.  She was featured in "Teen Scene" in Bluegrass Now—the magazine’s editor called her "a remarkable talent".  Paige has been profiled in Flatpick Guitar Magazine and featured as a contributor with songs in several issues.  She also plays clawhammer banjo, bass and mandolin and served as the Teen Ambassador for the California Bluegrass Association from 2007-2010.  Paige keeps busy writing her own music and is currently working on her first solo release.  She is sponsored by Schenk Guitars.

Aimee (1996) decided to learn the fiddle after seeing someone play "Orange Blossom Special" at a festival in 2003.  She also sings strong lead and harmony vocals, including show-stopping duets, trios and four part harmonies with the rest of the band.  In addition to her fiddling, Aimee is currently studying the mandolin.  Aimee plays a beautiful custom-made fiddle by Frank Daniels of Frank's Fiddles in Idaho.

Ethan (1999), who also answers to the name "Bo," took up mandolin in 2004, inspired by the recordings of Bill Monroe and the picking of Paige and Aimee.  Ethan is highly influenced by Ronnie McCoury in addition to Monroe, and he's now got a bluesy, improvisational sound all of his own.  Like his sisters, he plays more than one instrument and sings harmonies; he's recently started playing banjo and guitar.

With all three siblings playing an instrument, there was no way Daisy (2001) was going to be left out.  Inspired by Aimee, Daisy started fiddling at age five, chopping out the rhythm with her bow and contributing vocal harmonies.  She switched over to playing dobro (resophonic guitar) in 2010 and has also taken over the vocals for our popular version of "Ruby" in our set after Paige's voice moved out of range.

Bass player and mom Christy grew up in the Arizona desert south of Tucson.  She met Mark while he was still a helicopter pilot and she was on a "Helitack" crew of firefighters deployed to particularly bad forest fires by helicopter.  Christy was introduced to bluegrass by Mark and first started learning the dobro before she decided the bass was more to her liking.  She's been playing bass since 2005.  Christy's time is spent split between raising and schooling the kids, booking the band, running a busy household and working on the band's music.

A native of Vermont who grew up in California, Mark was a member of a musical family.  He played trumpet and French horn for several years, before turning to the banjo in 1999.  Mark was changing careers then-from helicopter pilot to software engineer -- so music took a back seat until Paige learning the guitar pushed him into more serious pursuit of the banjo in 2003.  In addition to playing banjo with the group, Mark also engineered and produced the band's 2008 CD, Anderson Family Bluegrass.

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